Addition Financial Arena Seating Chart

Addition Financial Arena is a multipurpose arena. And like most multipurpose arena, the capacity varies depending on what’s on stage and the needs of the event. For most events this can range between 9,400-10,000 seats.

Seating is comfortable plush seating arranged to allow for excellent sightlines to the show from all parts of the venue. Seating is also conveniently close to restrooms and facilities scattered around the arena.

There are a limited number of ADA-approved and companion seats available on a first come, first serve basis.

If you require ADA-approved accommodations or emergency ADA-seating, then please be sure to contact the venue as soon as possible. You may contact the venue at 407.823.3070.

NOTE: Addition Financial Arena seating arrangements may vary. Different types of events may have different seating arrangements. It is recommended you check the individual event seating chart when selecting your tickets.

Grab your tickets today and select your best seats. Check out the Addition Financial Arena schedule to see all the upcoming announcements and latest events.

For policies and ticket guarantee info, please see the ticket information page.